My Jewelry

For years I have searched for a jewelry collection that is made of real gold and diamonds that was both fashion forward but still classic enough to stand the test of time…and at a price point that was affordable.

That is what inspired me to start my own range of trinkets and jewels. I had my favorite pieces- my diamond stud earrings and my classic engagement ring, my tennis bracelet and of course my small diamond pendant that I got from my grandmother – but these were “serious pieces” . I still wanted my jewelry collection to reflect my mood. To allow me to keep wearing my classic pieces but mix in some more fun and modern styles that I could swap and change to suit my look. And this is how I design every collection. With the basic idea that I can mix and match my jewelry look with the style and fashion trends of the moment. But who can afford to discard their pieces each season and start again? I certainly can’t, So each piece in every new collection works well with existing styles to allow me to build on what I already have and make the same piece look different depending on what I wear it with and how I put it all together. And most importantly the rules of the game are no longer relevant. No need to stick with the same color gold or make the earrings match the necklace.

The key principle of all my collections is to mix and match and have fun in the process. Each piece is versatile and changeable. Worn alone or as part of a mix, layering and combining pieces and styles allows you to put your own personal style on what you wear…without breaking the bank.

Buying an Idesign piece is the start of a love affair. Love at first site, keeping the spark alive, and getting to know each other as time passes. I guarrantee you that once you start, you will really fall in love at first site, and then enjoy an ongoing love affair with every additional piece you purchase. And most importantly, find your look and own it with pride. I hope you really do fall in love with my collections and become my partner in creating looks and styles that work for you.