My Approach


So you get it now. Looking after your outside is not superficial or frivolous. You are allowed to take care of yourself. No, you have to take care of yourself, for the sake of all those around you.

I want you to know I’m passionate about my work.

I really want you to look and feel amazing.

Life hasn’t always gone to plan for me (whose life does?) I’ve learnt from experience that feeling good about yourself takes work. Hard work. An accident as a child left me with disfiguring burns over large parts of my body.
I spent many years trying to resurrect my self-image in the aftermath.

I believe that whilst you certainly must look after yourself on the inside – nurturing spirit, soul, intellect and relationships – sometimes feeling good starts on the outside not the inside.

What we put out into the universe is what the universe reflects back. Looking good changes how we feel inside. When we look good, we feel good and when we feel good people see us differently and we give out a positive energy that attracts more and more good into our lives.

When we wear even one item that we love (it doesn’t have to be expensive) we feel amazing inside and out and literally glow with pleasure.

Life is complicated. There is so much to think and worry about. So many unknowns. I find there is beauty in simplicity. Focusing on what we are going to wear today is one easy way of simplifying life and simultaneously inviting pleasure inside.