About Idesign


The Idesign jewellery brand was founded in 2017 by fashion-industry insider, Ilana Album.  A former Director at major UK fashion emporia, Harrods and Selfridges and a personal stylist for many years, Ilana brings an in-depth understanding of what people want to her brand.

Ilana recognized a need for an easy-to-wear, gold jewellery brand with a modern, trendy twist. Her commitment to attractive prices (without compromise on quality) stems from her belief that you shouldn’t have to wait for someone to gift you one of her mouth-watering pieces but should feel guilt-free about “treating” yourself. Central to Ilana’s philosophy is the idea that when you make yourself feel good, the benefits ripple out and positively impact all those around you.  

Idesign jewellery stands out for its young, light and contemporary style, featuring versatile mix-and-match pieces to allow the modern woman to personalise her look and adapt her jewellery to suit any outfit and desired style.

Idesign offers a growing number of collections based on desirable and enduring themes such as geometric, mystical magic, Navaho, gypsy glam, initials and more. Each item can stand alone or be layered with pieces from its own, or other collections, to create an endless series of truly individual looks.  

All items in the Idesign collections are handmade
from 14K gold.

The brand recently launched an online sales site.

Idesign jewellery is sold successfully across the world: Manchester, England, USA and Australia.